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fiscal year. wednesday morning, acting defense second christine fox expanded on that budget, including planned cuts and the size of the area. this event from the american enterprise institute is 50 minutes. minutes. >> so, i want to thank all of you at american enterprise institute for the great work that you do when the opportunity to be with you today. as mckenzie said, secretary haeckel recently announced a number of recommendations and proposals that will be contained in the defense department fiscal year 2015 badges admission. it goes about pain that make in spending choices as having more losers than winners due to the fact that budgets are tight and could get even tighter is no way to win a popularity contest. in many respects, there is something in the package to set up just about everybody's alarm bells and on which meter. from my perspective and as i hope my remarks will make clear, the two categories of stakeholders most protected from these changes are people we should all feel the most accountable to. the average american fighting man woman in the average american taxpayer
. you were a former assistant of defense in the reagan administration. what's going on in russia right now? >> they have decided to take what it couldn't get with a carrot it's going to take with a stick. russia tried to buy ukraine, offered them a big loan, cheap gas. they said no thank you very much so russia is going to take what it wants which is crimea. >> what's at stake for us? >> for the last 40 years we have been promoting democracy. these people want what we want but they can't have it. russia wants it back. they want greater russia back. as much as president obama said it's a cold war game, it's russia at every step check mating the united states and supplanting us in that part of the world. >> when you see transport vehicles, aircraft landing in your city, it doesn't feel like a game. is there anything that would pull our american military into what's going on between russia and ukraine? >> we don't have a military option there. >> when the president threatens, what is he talking about? >> you'll ask to ask him. >> i mentioned that you were with the reagan administration an
of the two military commands and review of the 2015 defense authorization. some of the other topics include nsa surveillance programs and the use of strategic nuclear arsenal. they testified for about two hours and 15 minutes. >> [inaudible conversations] >> good morning, everybody. today we begin our annual posturings with the combatant commands by receiving testimony from the u.s. strategic command of the u.s. cyber command, a sub-unified command of the u.s. strategic command. let me welcome admiral cecil haney in his first appearance before the committee as the command of u.s. strategic command, and general keith alexander in what may be his final appearance before the committee as command of the u.s. cyber command. general alexander also serves as we know as director of the national security agency, and when he retires at the end of next month he will by far be the longest-serving nsa director in history, and we thank you both for your extraordinary service. this hearing comes at a time of reduced budgets across the u.s. government, including the department of defense. even though this
-called self-defense groupings. al jazerra's david mercer has this story. >> reporter: he raps about life in his town. battling the nights templar drug cartel and how their fight, however dangerous, will never be in vain. after living in oregon for the past 20 years, he returned to rural mexico where he was born, he soon found himself in the middle of a war. but instead of fleeing hennessy and his brother fought back. >> it's our town, it's our place, it's our home. what are we going do? why are we going to leave, man? >> reporter: hennessy says the templar cartel drove him to defend his people. >> when you go to a home just because you have guns and saying i am taking your daughter or this and that, that's wrong, man. >> reporter: hennessy, along with his father and brother, are part of a 20,000 strong vigilante movement that sprung up to combat the knights templar drug cartel. for years heavily armed cartel members have controlled hundreds of towns, extorting, kidnapping and killing, finally last year people had enough. tired of suspected ties between local law enforce. and the templars
by ukraine's riot police. she is a member of one of the self defense unit that are protecting the square. >> the image i will never forget are the faces of friends facing riot police. we were a small group and the police three times bigger. we had no weapons, just stones and molotov cocktails. i didn't think the police would kill ukrainians. >> victoria was wounded when a hand grenade handed next to her. now that yanukovych is gone, ukrainians are getting to know more on the men victoria helped to overthrow. >> just before leaving, the aid threw the documents in the river. there are still people diving in the freezing cold water trying to retrieve every single document they can. >> about 40,000 documents have been moved to a guest house by a group of ukrainian journalists who are sifting through them and making them available on line for everyone to see. many more are still drying in the sauna. some of the documents reveal a lavish lifestyle and a taste for expensive furniture. others detail transbackses through a web of shadow companies and a bank belonging to yanukovych's son, alexande
's defense budget is about 18 times that of ukraine but nato should restart talks on providing assurances to countries like poland including perhaps building the missile defense system that was abandoned. in economic terms, washington and the eu should consider sanctions that would be effective. ones targeted specifically at individuals who could be held responsible for acts of aggression against ukraine. washington cannot stop vladimir putin as he creates facts on the ground in crimea. but step back and consider what a strategic disaster this is for him. ukraine has slipped out of russia's orbit and most of the population there is going to be hostile toward russia for generations. countries like poland that had eased up relations with moscow will view it with great suspicion. all european countries will put their relations with russia under review. even china will surely oppose the brazen violation of national sovereignty, something beijing has is always concerned about. within russia people have seen that putin is terrified of a democracy movement and will brutally oppose it, not really
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obama over proposed defense cuts. he's not the only conservative voice blasting the plan. what do the numbers really show? true politics tonight. >>> a mysterious polio-like illness striking kids in california leaving some paralyzed. doctors are stumped, parents are terrified. dr. sanjay gupta joins me ahead. [ male announcer ] this is the cat that drank the milk... [ meows ] ...and let in the dog that woke the man who drove to the control room [ woman ] driverless mode engaged. find parking space. [ woman ] parking space found. [ male announcer ] ...that secured the data that directed the turbines that powered the farm that made the milk that went to the store that reminded the man to buy the milk that was poured by the girl who loved the cat. [ meows ] the internet of everything is changing everything. cisco. tomorrow starts here. ♪ male narrator: there's something positive being generated in california. when ordinary energy is put in the hands of extraordinary people, amazing things happen. the kind of things that drive us to do more, to go further, to be better. we're dedica
. between the department of defense and the va and i know we're in the process of tearing that down. we're one family. when you take that oath and say i'm going to serve this country, it should go right on through. there shouldn't be this wall and this divide between the opportunities that exist to take care of our troops. electronic medical records that he spoke about, to me that is a shame and delays care, makes it more difficult to have a smooth flow of care. i do see positive things. i was at base luis mccord last year and seen start upprograms where they are focusing on transition at the time of ets. and it makes sense to me if you are disabled, getting a medical separation that your level of disability can be determined at that time and carry over into the va. instead of having to go through these processes and having redone the services. there's other things i see starting to take place and that's guiding as they are leaving the military into being able to use the skills they learned in the military and translate them into civilian work and helping them get there and guidance on
to convince the self-defense units to let them in. people here are saying that they do support these russian troops. they don't see them as invaders as prime minister has just said in kiev even though he says the russians are coming here and taking over military assets and trying to disarm the ukraine forces, that is what is happening here. and we have seen that in other bases around this peninsula. so you do have that happening but people say what lovorov was saying. they say we are protecting our area from the, quote, fascists ruling ukraine and see the protesters as radical to want to come here and cause more instability. i have to say it's very difficult to figure out how many crimea people actually think like that because since we have been here people with another opinion simply is not voicing it. >> reporter: what proportion if we figure it out is there of the people that would prefer to support kiev? >> well, it's really very difficult to answer that question. i mean we do know that the majority of the population, about 60% are from russian, ethnic origin. do all of them back the ru
budget. the russians know they fall in their lap. >> the signals that are sent to russia russian defense ministers saying russia is now planning the permanent military presence outside russia's borders including vietnam, cuba, venezuela, ni caragua singapore and other countries and back in november secretary kerry said the monroe doctrine is dead. did he just waved the flag for russian expansionism? >> that is one of many that the administration has been waving. as clap to america the monroe doctrine is not popular and tell it is needed then they want to know where the united states is of central and south america are very worried about russian participation adventurism and a return of russian military shows that putin thinks he is achieving his objective to reestablish hegemony and he goes for world power status again. no doubt. lou: i don't know what status about obama of the secretary kerry suggested the united states was rejecting the monroe doctrine because it would concern our neighbors to the south. which is the exact opposite but which is to protect the hemisphere spinet the whol
federal position was at the defense department. i know you have not been at dhs long, but i'm sure you have noticed that the level of command and control to what you may have become uh cuss -- accustomed to is not at dhs. you experienced potentially damaging results of the structural defect. the fact that an acquisition solicitation was significant privacy implication was published without approval by dhs or the awareness of ice leadership is very troubling. your immediate predecessor promoted the concept of one dhs, one structural changes that persist to when 22 independent officers and agencies were essentially thrown together under one roof. as you have undoubtedly learned by now, dhs components essentially function as independent entities. all too often components see directors from headquarters as advisory. this has to stop. for one dhs to truly have meaning components must adhere to department-wide policies and mandates and i appreciate your position when the chairman and i had a meeting with you that you basically committed to making that happen as well as making sure that the v
the ukrainian government building. this is being guarded by self-defense groups. you can see them scattered around the main courtyard area. parliament isn't sitting today. they're putting together the new interim government. if you look around here, you can see the various groups, they've got their food. camped out 24 hours a day. let's go across and speak to some of them. all of them are men. hello, you're on bbc, what's your name? >> oresta. >> reporter: you're the only woman in this group? >> yes. >> reporter: how long have you been camped out here and describe what has happened in the last few days. >> from the first day after the blessing of people and here i will be until the finish, until when they were do the old administration. >> reporter: you lost friends and colleagues in your group from the fighting. >> i lost two friends, but not this group. but there we had many different people, even the old people, old women and some students. they blessed all people. >> reporter: thank you very much. if you look around the square, you can see just on the military truck some more tents have
republicans on the defensive in their 2014 campaigns. in fact, in kentucky yesterday, former president bill clinton riled up the sold-out crowd while stumping for alison grimes, who wants senate minority leader mcconnell's seat. both stayed away from mentioning the health care law, but as today's "first read" points out, both clinton and grimes played the obama dem play book of 2014 by emphasizing the need to raise the minimum wage and reduce income inequality. >> i don't know about you, kentucky, but i'm not going to let any washington politician whose net worth is over $25 million tell me, tell us, that increasing the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour is going to hurt our economy. >> in the end, you can only have a lot of rich people if you have even more middle class people and all the poor folks have a chance to work their way into it. >> joining me now live, nbc news correspondent mark murray. we can see the direction in that race, as well as in many other key races in 2014. >> that was my big takeaway from yesterday, is alison grimes/bill clinton event in kentucky, they were following th
't spend time or money developing those capabilities for purely conventional purposes or for defensive purposes. usually when you undergo those efforts to develop that kind of capability, it's because you want to have the opportunity to one day put a nuclear warhead on one of those rockets. so that's the story of iran. massive expansion in their enrichment and reprocessing capabilities, secret enrichment programs that they try to hide from the world, the development of long-range missile capabilities, and then you add to it that we're not dealing with the government of belgium here. we're not dealing with the government of japan or south korea or any other responsible government on the planet. we are dealing with a government that actively uses terrorism all over the world as an active element of their foreign policy. they are involved in supporting various terrorist elements around the country, not just in the middle east but open source reporting revealed just a couple of years ago they were involved in a plot to assassinate a foreign ambassador in washington, d.c., here. not in the
call that defense?! come on! [ female announcer ] watch live tv anywhere. the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. >> welcome back to inside story. i'm ray suarez. the eyes of the world are on venezuela right now. watching to see if the up rising there begun among students will take hold among the wider populous and continue to put pressure on president maduro. are we looking at an situation that could escalate that maduro could suffer the same fate as other presidents viktor yanukovych and mohamed morsi? >> i don't see that in the horizon, and the answer to that is embedded in your question. this is precisely the lack of connection between the opposition primarily middle class and popular sectors that continue to support the government. it has primarily to do, if i could build on what mr. martinez said earlier, even though the country is suffering from economic problems that are quite real, in fact, it's not quite true to suggest that before chavez came to office in 1999 the economy was not also mismanaged and very conditions that allow for the populism that w
. the defense will show that he shot reeva steenkamp by mistake. >> the u.n.'s human right council meets in geneva on monday. human rights abuses committed during the last days of the sri lankan civil war will be one of the issues. international pressure has been mounting on colombo to investigate the war crimes. we have this report. >> the united nations high commissioner for human rights is expected to table a report before the u.n. human rights council in geneva. she has been critical of the sri lankan government, the handling of allegations, war crimes and accountability following the end of a war with the tamil tigers. national mechanisms have not been able to bring justice and elicit truth. she has called for an independent international inquiry to bring off new information and essentially to establish the truth of what happened and achieve accountability process. the sri lankan government rejected categorically all the report and the recommendations. basically they are saying her report is preconceived, politicized and reflects an agenda pursued against sri lanka. >> the united st
as a government, you need to put it to a good purpose either enhancing productivity or providing defense or essential services. the u.s. has the advantage of being a reserve currency country. we can issue treasuries at low interest rates. that is essentially what supports our fiscal -- >> we could talk all morning about fiscal multipliers. unfortunately, mr. putin is speaking in russia. i believe he is in his residence. he is looking casual this morning. >> you can't beat some of these headlines -- >> he has his shirt on. >> that is an exclusive. clarida takes a shot at putin. >> a tie and jacket for mr. putin. bc is he met with the d'amico meth and he -- he says he with viktor yanukovich and he is alive. he has no sympathy for him. take a look at the features. your cohorts in crime suggest, do we just ignore all of this ukraine chat? >> the reality is, there is no serious prospect of the u.s. or nato escalating this. as tragic as it is for the ukrainian people, it looks as though it is now not going to become a larger geopolitical impact. that is why you see the markets rebounding. >> i
's agreed to talk to us off duty. >> we're the first line of defense for the country. if i wasn't an agent, and i did not work for the united states border patrol, i would want somebody out here that had a little bit of a rah-rah attitude, where he really truly took his job serious and wantedto defend the country. that's my view on it. >> so there's been a few officer-involved shootings at the border that have gotten a lot of attention lately 16 year old guy from the mexican side jose antonio and he was shot by a border patrol agent from the us side does that trouble you? >> well, we have several shootings, i can't freely speak about that one, because they're still looking into it. but what people don't understand when they say rocks the agents were rocked. i don't know what people's concept of a rock is, but it's huge rocks. it's not these little rocks. it's huge rocks. in, in areas that are populated, like closer to nogales, at times what they throw is it's chunks of cement! that are broken off the sidewalk. it's a dangerous job. >> there've been 16 deaths of border patrol agents in the
in the defense ministry and in the asian government as well. at a time when it's influence in central and eastern europe has taken a big dent recently. it certainly is no bad thing to do from a russian geopolitical perspective. >> while ukrainians in the capitol city are celebrating the cowser of president viktor yanukovych, others in crimea are not happy. >> reporter: some were not happy to see our camera because we're foreign they think we won't tell the truth. the flags here are russian, not ukrainian, and blame the west for what is happening in kiev. >> no, i'm not happy. it is ignite from outside. i am sure europe and america support in revolution. >> the area has been a russian naval base since the 1,800th century. another old sailor said allegiances here are clear. >> 90% of the people here are russian. the russian fleet is here. we have russian traditions. it's all russian here. >> reporter: that's why they think what is happening in kiev is such a problem. the people here seem very angry about the exact that ukrainian has been made the official language. it makes them feel left out since
authorities to rethink how they deal with the so-called self defense groups. while the mexicans formerly tried to disarm them, they changed tactics. now they're working with the vigilantes, and at this point it is an arrangement that works out. arrested one of the knights templar, eltio, who wouldn't have been caught without information from the self defense groups. now the army is further legitimizing theville vigilante groups. >> if they are with us not against us, all these months that have been coming back they haven't been fully with us. we now worry about us getting disarmed out in operations and that kind of thing. now the government with us, who is going to disarm us? good the road po to peace in micuacan won't come easy. this is a war they say that's already gone on far too long. david mercer, al jazeera, qualkaman, mexico. >> coming up next on "america tonight," paralyzed, the medical mystery alarming parents and puzzling the doctors. what's behind this polio like illness that's putting children at risk. while you were asleep news was happening. >> here are the stories we're followin
legitimate concerns of russian speaking people. people's brigade for self-defense has been establish who'd had already to curb attempts for forcible take over administrative building in crimea and bringing weapons and ammunition on to the peninsula. we had information on preparation of new provocative acts through the russian black sea float in ukraine in these situations, the authorities of the republic have asked the presidents of russia to restore calm in crimean it's completely legitimate under russian law, and given the extraordinary situation in ukraine, this threat and the threat to our come -- compatriots, prognosis citizens and the black sea fleet. because of this the president of russia went to the federation asking for the you of armed forces and -- on the first of march, the council of the federation supported this appeal, which we hope will cut off the radicals, and i repeat, we're talking about defending our citizens and ourght, the ri. madam president, today i am also authorized to say the following. the president has received 0 -- of russia has received the following from
the defense ministers, saying president clinton ordered the test at 2:00 p.m. moscow time today. the report did not mention ukraine, one of russia's western neighbors, where months of protest have forced a pro-russia president to go into hiding. the president was not able to confirm the order and the defense ministry not available for comment. louisiana government bobby jindal is defending his harsh criticism of president obama saying, in america, we do not have a king. the republican was criticized by a democratic governor, molloy, on monday. after they emerged from others from a meeting with the president said the president seems to be waving the white flag of surrender on the economy. governor jindal in remarks earlier today says the white house in his words belongs to the people. he had a duty to speak his mind. is not at thea white house today. he is on the road traveling. minnesota focusing on the roads and railways. this fund is forecast to go broke as early as august enemies $100 billion over the next six years just to maintain current spending levels. c-span is covering the event y
of the defense business. more importantly, the 350 numbers looked lower than anticipated. this is the new twin aisle that is going to -- the dreamliner, that looks better than anticipated. >> let's start with the a350 number. 434 comes in at around million euros. the charges relating to the development of that lane, this one is set to go head-to-head with the dreamliner. it is meant to go into service this year. the dreamliner is already in service. the other number is on restructuring. after making the commercial blaine -- plain business the focus, they are cutting jobs in the defense unit. putting those together is costing them money, weighing on profit. there was a 292 million euro charge. there was a ride range of forecast for these numbers. shrug it off to some extent, down about 0.6% right now. three .5% inh as early trading. >> thank you very much indeed. john ferro with the latest on airbus. the group finance chief is on surveillance later on. tom keene and the team will be interviewing him. let's get a related take on this. the editor in chief of monocle, something of a plane buff i w
out of the west stands by what he calls a legitimate defense russia's interests front of the first remarks since the ouster of ukraine's president of moscow's use to you. ukrainian cancel out the specific afp us secretary of state calls russia stands an act of aggression. he's worried about things for them dressed in eastern ukraine washington back in the ukrainian authorities to the billion dollar aid. and in other news cairo bands hamas has activities on so well this is the head of egypt's on the drops his strongest hint yet that is running for prez. all are sure has put a military maneuvers across its border on hold. there's been the first talks between unity government says ukraine and russia high level contacts the announcement coming by ukraine's prime minister art sydney. he gets a new hours after a surprise press conference by vladimir putin the russian president's first pronouncements since the pair were twenty second ouster of ukraine's president viktor yanukovich. they use in weekend that preceded the smallest especially the eastern regions of ukraine and people that au
business and making it the focus, elsewhere they are cutting about 6000 jobs in defense and space units. putting the companies together was a 292 million euros charge for that. -- it was a wide range of forecasted numbers. >> we will catch you again at the end of the show. don't miss our interview with the airbus group and cfo harald wilhelm. still with us is stuart richardson. he is the cio -- thanks for staying with us. talk to me about 2014. you cautioned that china could be the great unknown for us. quantitative eating -- easing is changing. where do i want to be an ambassador? equities, credit, government bonds, trade foreign exchange, how do i look at 2014? be you have told look at this year as very different from last year. the u.s. has been another upside surprise. in terms of equities, let's go where the money is printing. we know japan will carry on printing, they may up the scale of printing later this year, maybe not in the short-term performance but japan for the rest of the year we think is good. we are looking for u.s. and europe to fall into a trade arrangement at the mo
's final witnesses may have helped kennedy's defense. a toxicology expert testified that she may not have realized she was impaired, which is what kennedy has insisted all along. >>> well, experts say a giant solar flare that fired off the sun won't have much of an effect here on earth. it erupted yesterday afternoon on the sun's surface. >> now, the explosion of hot gases generated winds said to be over 4 million miles per hour. flares often disrupt satellite communications, but this one was not directed at the earth. it could still cause some auroras near the poles tonight. >>> move over, lebron james, the best-selling jersey in the nba belongs to a player who hasn't scored a basket yet. this season. >>> plus, a child dies after being bitten by his pet. new details about the alarming disease he contracted and who the family blames for what happened. >>> and canada controversy. the surprising reason president obama's new amba >>> welcome back. general motors is issuing a recall and an apology. the automaker admits it may have been too slow in recalling 1.6 million cars because of a safet
at the department of defense -- >> dud, was there a -- did, was there a background check conducted on mr. marone before the appointment you made to his being chief of staff? >> you mean chief of staff for dhs. >> yes. >> yes, to the best of my understanding, there was. i also know him for five years and know his qualities, and i'm glad i hired him. >> did you -- so there was a background check. did you review that background check? >> not myself, no. >> who did read it? >> the appropriate officials, i'm quite sure. my understanding is that the background check was quite thorough which included matters of of public record from fumo trial which is what your letter refers to. >> did the white house review it? >> as far as i know, they did. >> were there any -- >> as is the standard practice. >> did it reveal any concerns? >> mr. marone's was viewed extensively including the matters of public record. i have every reason to believe that it was thorough, and we hired him, and i'm glad we did. he's doing an excellent job for the department. >> who conducted the background check? >> i could not tell you
and a trained lawyer, too. the defense claims the killing was a tragic mistake. pistorius thought steenkamp was an intruder in the home. but in court today, a neighbor described hearing blood-curdling screams from a woman, then a series of gun shots in the early hours of valentine's day last year. >> just before the gunshots, it was blood-curdling. it was something that leaves you cold. >> reporter: prosecutors now hope to portray oscar pistorius as gun-happy and reckless. this is just the first step for oscar pistorius, in what will be a long and drawn-out trial. day one is over. but there are so many more to go. proceedings will last at least three weeks. pistorius faces a possible life sentence. hamish macdonald, abc news, pretoria, south africa. >>> and on "world news" next tonight, "real money." from the car in your driveway, to your own back yard. how families are earning thousands of dollars uncovering untapped resources in their own home. and you can do it, too, when we're back in two minutes. [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work. and his new boss told him two thi
it has moved a long way. it looks like they are defensive on the assets, that is for sure. i think places like south africa are still very vulnerable and you may find that people who have to take money off the table in the ukraine and russia have to go to south africa, as well. these are the places. >> what is your take on india? >> yes. i think that india is a binary political story and it is increasingly likely that it comes true. a will see a little bit of run in the elections and some more modesty after the election. india. issues do not entirely related to monetary policy and i think that the issues are political leadership issues and what happens to the labor market and the fiscal side. we are concerned and we think the growth inflation makes is worse. structurally, it is a good question and i do not think the election answers these questions. >> this is something that investors should be wary of? >> there is a tactical opportunity and the market will get excited about the elections. there will be more questions i have often mission about the elections before too long. >> talk about
done six times since february of last year. it's something that the defense minister likes doing to put the military through its paces and basically exposes any flaws in the system and allows the ministry to become more efficient. at least, that's the thinking behind it. having said there is no connection between this military alert and what's going on in ukraine, i think the russian government would be well aware that reminding it's rivals and it's neighbors of russian military might at a time when russian military influence has just taken a big dent in central europe certainly won't hurt russian interests at all. >> traumatic new pictures from a refugee camp in syria. this is in a makeshift camp of tents in the middle of a war zone made up mostly of bombed out buildings. roxana has been looking into this for us. >> reporter: the story i'm about to tell you is a story of hardship. this photo shows hordes of people tired, hungry and gaunt. they're ready to get food from u.n. which started delivering food last month. it's dangerous work. the camp is caught in a cross fire between syrian
confused and scared. defense attorneys presented the near identical bottles of kennedy's prescription thyroid medicine and the generic form of ambien. as kennedy recounted the july 2012 morning when she says she accidentally took the prescription sleep aid instead of a thyroid pill before eating a breakfast of carrots and cappichino and headed to the gym. on the stand she said she didn't realize anything was wrong saying, "if i realized i was impaired i would have pulled over" but kennedy sideswiped a tractor trailer. her defense said she was sleep driving. >> i have no memory until i was stopped at a traffic light. >> reporter: the 54-year-old faces a single misdemeanor count of driving while impaired. the normally private kennedy spent several minutes on the stand talking about her very public family, affectionately referring to her father, the late robert f. kennedy as "daddy" and talking about his assassination saying "my father died when i was 8. he was killed when he was running for president." >> some jurors would probably be enamored with it and would have great compassion for
reactions to developments there. >> nato defense ministers in brussels, what was always going to be a difficult meeting on their future plans in afghanistan but their agenda further complicated by the fast-moving events of recent days in ukraine, adding to the concern among the 28 nations represented here news that former president yanukovych is in russia and reports of russian movements near the ukraine border. >> we respect other nations to respect ukraine's sovereignty and avoid provocative actions and i'm closely watching their russian exercises along the ukrainian border. >> reporter: a warning to russia in london where uk david cameron was attending a news conference with german chancellor angela merkel. >> and we are concerned about the situation in crimea and they should respect the sovereignty of ukraine. russia made the commitment and it's important that russia keeps its word. the world will be watching. >> reporter: u.s. secretary of state john kerry was also meeting his german counterpart, at the best of times relations between the west and russia can be tricky b
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yanukovych flew back to his home base in donetske. later on wound up in russia. russia is in a defensive posture in some respects but are pushing the kiev government just as it good in the jann government in 2008. >> you're from the russian ukraine. what do you think the russians are doing? >> i think it's important to remember the domestic political situation both in ukraine and crimea. ukraine is one of the weakest moments in history, the country is essentially bankrupt. the ex-president has dubious legitimatlegitimacy. there was a lot of reshuffling at the top of the command structure in the armed forces and just recently, yesterday, the new leader, the new prime minister of crimea was elected and that person is a representative or the leader of so-called russian unity block, which is a prorussian political force that wants to hold a referendum in may in several months about the greater autonomy for crimeans. it would be premature to say this was a military invasion but what we are seeing is a show of force to claim support behind that new russian premier of crimea. >> do you think th
, by incorporating them into a rural defense force. hennessey and others are willing to register if they can continue their controls. >> if they are with us, they are not against us. they are fully with us. we worry about us getting disarmed out in operations and that thing. now the government is with us. who is going to disarm us? >> the road to peace will not come easily. hennessey and riccardo are happy they no longer have though stand alone. >> this is a war that has gone on too long. >> coming up next on "america tonight". paralyzed. the medical mostry alarming parents and -- mystery alarming parents and puzzling doctors. what is behind this polio illness putting children at risk. >> a mystery illness is baffling doctors in california, terrifying parents and spontaneously paralyzing a vulnerable target, young children. the symptoms are a lot like polio. sheila mcvicar has the story. >> sophia jarvis is four years old. before her second birthday she had trouble breathing and flu-like symptoms. her family took her to the doctor. >> as we left the appointment sophia went to the trshure box to grab
them to the journalists, that took them out of the safety of the vatican. his defense lawyer was very much aligned with the prosecutor. everything was really kept on message. >> i was at the man's trial. there were documents that were leaked, he supposedly leaked, that were written in languages that he does not speak. how would he even know that they were important? nobody that i have spoken to and that i continue to speak to in the vatican really believe that the butler did it. he was a scapegoat. >> the highest authorities in the vatican didn't want to show to the public opinion the network: how many supporters there were around the butler, paolo gabriele, in this planned action. >> narrator: the trial lasted for just five days. gabriele was found guilty and sentenced to 18 months. >> just before christmas of 2012, benedict pardoned him. i assume that there was a deal done, that he will remain quiet, and, "we will give you a job." >> he still has his pension. he hasn't lost anything with this conviction. this is, you know, the biggest betrayal we've ever seen against a sitting pope,
in support of the alert act and in defense of working middle-class families who face the danger that overzealous washington regulators will destroy their jobs and impose new red tape that cuts their wages. an america that works allows small businesses to flourish. jobs can be created. and for folks to have more take-home pay in their pockets. but america doesn't work when washington regulators impose more red tape on businesses, large and small, regardless of the costs. this bill fixes that. i hear a lot on this floor about the warnings of days gone by and the fear mongering attached to trying to instill accountability on this bureaucracy in washington. i don't think any of us on either side of the aisle wants to defend overzealous democrats and imposing unnecessary burdens that have clogged this economy. now, america doesn't work when special interest groups use the courts to impose backroom regulations that destroy jobs and reduce take-home pay. this bill before us fixes that. make no mistake, excessive red tape hurts working middle-class families. for example, it was reported
the stand in her own defense, saying she took the sleeping pill accidentally. the six-member jury continues deliberations today. >>> all right, coming up for us next, a brawl on the basketball court. i've got a lot of people tweeting me about this overnight. a big game ends with a massive fight in the stands, on the court. what happened? joe carter explains what you missed, what i missed overnight. that's coming up next. captain obvious: i'm in a hotel. and a hotel is the perfect place to talk to you about hotels. all-you-can-eat is a hotel policy that allows you to eat all that you can. the hotel gym is short for gymnasium. the hotel pool is usually filled with water. and the best dot com for booking hotels, is hotels.com. it's on the internet, but you probably knew that. or maybe not, i don't really know you. bellman: welcome back, captain obvious. captain obvious: yes i am. all those words are spelled correctly. but what's even more surprising is that brushing alone isn't enough to keep it clean. fortunately, you've got listerine®. unlike brushing which misses 75% of your mouth, listeri
about the dark castle? you call that defense?! come on! [ female announcer ] watch live tv anywhere. the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. > we know we're not the center of your life, but we'll do our best to help you connect to what is. afghanistan, in 2009. orbiting the moon in 1971. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection. and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. >>> on monday, september 9th, just before 8:40 in the morning, there was a serious car accident at the intersection of brinkerhotf avenue in the town of ft. lee, new jersey. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> 911, big accident over here. >> where is over here? take a deep breath. >> brinkerhoff and what's the other street? >> ft. lee. >> is somebody hurt? >> yeah. >> we'll get somebody right there. >> exactly one minute later, anot
at tomorrow son. harassing carmello. back up the other way. steff give it to the guys who played defense. thompson knock down a 3. warriors roll. after wining in phillies the shark shuffle off to buffalo face the last place saber who have their number and traded star goalie miller to st. louis so short handed. had to suit up the video scout. he's a former college player the back up goalie. did he not get in the game which povb hilarious. first period power play. shark answer here. shephard off the edward miss and this ties it up at 101 and that has right between the leg there. buffalo in the third. flynn off the face off. oh. a little late. then 3ment later. tyler myers to matt in front. and sharks got to be disappointed losing to pretty poor buffalo team. sharks fall 4-2. if you believe in conspiracies and i do then it looks like something fishy went down as mets third baseman wright rally in the wee hours of the morning to defeat oakland eric in the face of major league twitter contest. he was in front dan until the final 15 minutes of voting. it was 4:45 am west coast time
defenses, which i know you have vast experience in. the department of homeland security has a critical role to play in the national security and cyber security infrastructure act in 2013, which unanimously passed out of our committee earlier this month . it takes an important step by codifying the department cyber security mission. the committee would like to see a greater emphasis on building an experienced and streamlined cyber workforce and increasing the security and resiliency of our federal networks.
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